Exclusive offer until March 31st 2012 on Epson PP100

Get £200 Cash Back on EPSON PP100 USB and Network models

In an exclusive offer from Epson, CD-writer.com Ltd is excited to be able to offer all of our EPSON PP100 USB and PP100 Network Disc Producers £200 cash back after your order is completed. Qualifying retail customers will receive there deduction 30 days after the completion of their order. For more information please contact CD-writer.com sales on 020 8293 0777.

Epson Disc Producers qualifying for £200 Cash Back (until March 31st 2012)

Epson PP-100 DiscProducer (USB), EPSON

Epson PP-100 DiscProducer (USB), EPSON

£2450.00 Stock: 3
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Epson PP-100N Network DiscProducer, EPSON

Epson PP-100N Network DiscProducer, EPSON

£2858.33 Stock: 8
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Prices are exclusive of £200 cash back offer and are correct as of time of publication.


Primera 4051 Disc Publisher and 4051 Blu Disc Publisher

Primera has introduced some mid capacity versions of their best selling high speed disc publishers.The 4050 Series offers the same great functionality, speed and ease of use of the 4100 series, but with only half the capacity. The new 50 disc capacity disc publishers come in DVD/CD and Blu-Ray versions. With disc printing times of just 5 seconds, 4 colour ink system, support for MAC and PC alongside the new lower price point, the Primera 4051 Disc Publisher and the 4051 Blu Disc Publisher will surely find the sweet spot in the disc publishing market. Call 020 8293 0777 for more information.

Epson PP-50BD Blu-Ray Disc Producer

Epson have announced the pending release of a new Blu-Ray enabled Disc Producer. The Epson PP-50BD Blu-Ray Disc producer is a 50 disc capacity automated CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disc publisher, meaning it both copies and prints discs automatically. Like other devices in the Epson Disc Producer range, the Blu-Ray Disc Producer offers disc loading via Epson’s patented AcuGrip robotic arm whilst the finest quality disc prints are delivered via 6 ink cartridges and the Epson Micro PiezoTM print head.

The Epson is a perfectly engineered disc publisher that is easy to use, offers exceptional quality print finishes, perfectly burnt discs all with very low running costs. 1000 disc can be printed per full set of inks. Whats more the Epson offers a warranty package that cannot be matched in the market place. Every Epson Disc Producer sold ships with 1 years on site warranty proving the companies confidence in the quality of their product.



Buy the Epson PP-50BD Blu-Ray Disc Producer here.

The StorDigital HD Clone Station – creates up to 5 perfect clones simultaneously

This new HD Clone Station from StorDigital , which is a fully standalone hard drive duplicator, creates clones simultaneously and can also securely erase data from multiple target drives.

The HD Clone Station from StorDigital is a fast and economic way for system builders and IT technicians to quickly and easily migrate and propagate data across multiple HDD targets. The device will work with a mixture of drive types (eg PATA & SATA in the same pass) allowing you to Clone or Sanitise any combination of drives at the same time.

The StorDigital HD Clone Station is totally standalone and requires no host PC or software for operation. It can be used anytime and anywhere without intensive training. The easy-to-use LCD interface allows for easy and fast operation of the simple clone function. The device also features a host of more advanced functions, including Compare, Quick Compare, PreScan and more.

Find out more information about the StorDigital Hard Drive Duplicator

How to Copy Your Wii Games

Are you looking to make copies of games for the Nintendo Wii? If so, you are only one of the many that have tried to find more information about this. We have written a short article regarding the copying of Wii games due to the large interest we have received. We need to immediately emphasize [...]

AVCHD Transcoder Version 2.1

Panasonic Broadcast has released an update of its free AVCHD transcoder that will allow users to downconvert AVCHD content recorded by AVCCAM camcorders into DV files, in addition to DVCPRO HD. Available at www.panasonic.com/avccam, the AVCHD Transcoder version 2.1 will provide AVCCAM users with even more flexibility for work across HD and SD workflow environments. [...]

Computer Maintenance Guide for Windows 7

Just like all other windows operating systems Windows 7 computers are also prone to most of the common computer problems. Some of the tasks that you can perform to prevent and repair Windows 7 errors are: Maintain an error-free and small Windows 7 registry. The registry controls the way software and hardware behaves on your [...]